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Hostelworld’s New Face-Lift

Dennis Pitcock
Written by Dennis Pitcock


It has been in the making for quite some time, and Hostelworld‘s desktop face-lift has finally been rolled out, and we’re impressed! On top of all that, they even launched a new logo, in Orange, which is increasingly becoming the new color of online travel. (,,,,, and more). In face we even chose orange for our logo color, as our color using Wix’s guide saying how it is “energetic, vibrant”.


On top of the the layout, they really improved upon their filtering ability, with style filers that make it easy to narrow down your search options.

We are happy to see their improvements. The new site is visual and simpler in terms of the user experience. This is a great starting point for Hostelworld’s new branding,  and we cannot wait to see where they will go next.

From here they can use analytic to see what the users are doing, come up with some change ideas, and A/B  test themselves into improving the experience, with conversion being their main focus. If they need some functionality to A/B test, here is a list we came up with:

  • Something a little more scale-able (perhaps use the bootstrap grid)
  • (Along with scalable) Try removing the top navigation bar and place into a hamburger menu. especially in smaller screens
  • A customer service link up at the top
  • A larger map to work from



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Dennis Pitcock

Dennis Pitcock

Dennis jumped into the hostel industry after a summer backpacking Europe in 2008. He went from being a guest to a manager within weeks, and currently does consulting for large and small hostels alike in 3 continents. Prior, he worked in eCommerce, so he has passion for the tech side of the industry and is now deeply entrenched in the hostel and activities industry.

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